10 Best 3D Camera Apps for Android and iOS

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We are living in high-resolution photography. This is why you can see the camera revolution on smartphones. Smartphone photography is on-trend and many people are learning the skill of taking the best quality pictures. Now the 3D camera apps come into play.

Many people want to click high-resolution photos. But they don’t have a budget to buy a high-end professional camera for this. As you have a smartphone, you can install one 3D camera app and click high-resolution images.

In addition to that, you can use many more features that come with the app.

So let’s get started.

10 best 3D camera apps

We have analyzed many apps on this category and come up with this list. You can use one of the below apps to click awesome photos.

1. Phogy, 3D Camera

Phogy appDo you want to capture a 3D picture with your existing smartphone? Well, you can do this using the Phogy app. Open the app and you would get an option to click a 3D image.

Press the camera button and aim at your target. Move your smartphone to the right side and still aim the camera to the object. Once you complete the shot, the app will process and shows you a 3D image.

All the images taken using this app are in high resolution. Then you can directly share those images in social media.

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2. Fyuse

Fyuse appFyuse is another popular app that allows anyone with a smartphone to capture 3D images. If you have a smartphone having Android 4.4 or higher, then you can use this app.

To capture a 3D image, open the app and point your rear camera to the object. Move the device from various angles that you want to take the 3D shot.

Fyuse is equipped with advanced computer vision technology that processes the image. This app is available for both Android and iOS.

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3. 3D Camera Photo Editor

3D Camera Photo Editor app3D Camera Photo Editor is a powerful app to give your photo a more creative and gorgeous look. It is packed with features and a lot of designed frames that blend on your photo to generate a 3D Effect.

This app has a user-friendly interface and the latest photo effects. You can sharpen, apply blur filters, draw on the image. In addition to that, you would get all the basic editing features in this app.

Create Photo Mirrors that show 3D Photo effects. 3D Photo Mirrors gives your images a unique look by applying stunning 3D photo Frames.

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4. 360cam

360cam app360cam is another well-know app in this category having the capability to capture images in 3D. Not only images, but you can also record videos in 360 degrees and easily stream video in real-time over Wi-Fi.

This app allows you to see a live preview of the image of the video you are going to shoot. You can easily import your 360 photos & videos from your 360cam to your internal storage or USB devices in a few steps.

The side by side viewing mode allows you to play your videos in a mobile VR headset and push your experience to the next level.

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5. Camera 3D Pro

Camera 3D Pro appCamera 3D Pro is another app helpful for taking a 3D picture. This app allows you to take left and right shots with a single simple gesture. It uses your smartphone’s motion sensor to match the left and right side images.

After taking a 3D image, you can make some modifications to make it awesome. You can also import any image to this app and create a 3D image. After doing modifications, you can import it to your local storage.

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6. Gun Camera 3D

Gun Camera 3D appGun Camera 3D is a very popular app having over 10M downloads. This app provides a unique experience by creating a virtual war environment in your surroundings. You need to point your rear camera at any angle and the app shows you a 3D environment with real shooting effects and sounds.

There is a great collection of guns like Assault Rifles, Machine Guns, Handguns, Shotguns, and real shooting effects. The application will use your camera to create a virtual environment with your surrounding objects. You can actually shoot them and take screenshots and save them to your gallery.

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7. 3D Camera Photo Effects

3D Camera Photo Effects app3D Camera Photo Effects creates panoramic photos, puts your images in 3D scenes, changes the background to 3d photo backgrounds, and many more. You can Zoom in and Zoom out to make some adjustments to the focus for 3D Photos.

Their many additional 3D camera features including 3D photo grids that create a grid effect with background texture photo stickers, 3D photo mirror effect creates mirror-like reflections.

The 3D Scene maker replaces the image background with the best 3D scene to give it a cinematic look.

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8. 3D Camera Photo Editor

3D Camera Photo Editor app3D Camera Photo Editor is one of the powerful tools to give your images a creative and gorgeous look. This app has an extensive collection of 3D photo frames and backgrounds.

This app has a user-friendly interface to make take 3D images easily. It also allows you to create stunning images with the help of various edit features.

The additional 3D features include the 3D photo grid effect and 3D photo mirror effects.

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9. 3D Movie Effect

3D Movie Effect appMovie scenes are always eye-catching and often a combination of special effects. You can give your images a movie like effects using this app.

This app contains more than 30 beautiful backgrounds, 30 plus wonderful movie VFX effects, and many more. Just select the image you want to put the special effect background and the app will automatically add it to your background.

After completing the editing, you can save it to your local storage and share it with your friends on social media.

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10. Panorama camera

Panorama camera appPanorama camera is a popular app for taking 360-degree images. Just open the app and tap on the capture button. Move your phone slowly and steadily from left to right.

Once done capturing, the app will arrange the frames and stitch into one awesome panorama automatically. You don’t have to wait until the process completes. It just takes less than a second and you can get your 3D image.

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So these are some of the best 3D camera apps available for Android and iOS. If you want to capture a 3D image with your existing smartphone, then feel free to check the above apps.

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