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30 Tech Life Hacks You Should Try Now

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well, technology makes our life sophisticated. let’s see how tech life hacks help us.

1 – Do you have an old reel cassette case? Don’t throw it out, use it as a holder or stand for your mobile phone.

2 – Want to amplify the music of your phone. Just put it into a glass.

3 –Want to access a website but it was blocked by your workplace or college campus, don’t worry you can access it easily. Go to Google Translate and copy paste the URL of the site you want to visit into it. Google translate will act as a proxy.

4 – Can’t decide which smartphone to buy? Go to it will help you to precise your choices based on your preferences.

5 – You can make a tripod with the help of binder clips and business cards. You just need to clip those binder clips each side of the business card and then put your iPhone on the top.

6 – Wrap the coil around a pen, then heat it using a hair dryer or 2-3 minutes to fix it permanently.

7 – want to turn your handwriting into a font. Just go to it’s fun.

8 – You can get rid of that ugly scratch by rubbing an eraser on it until the scratch disappears.

9 – Take a picture of business cards given by people. There is no effect if you lose it.

10 – Want a quick way to unfreeze a frozen phone? Plug it into its charger.

11 – Store some emergency cash in between the small space of your phone and its phone case, it may help you in emergency case.

12 – Want to mute a call, just press the volume down button to quickly mute the ringtone.

13 – Do you want that your Laptop battery will last long? It can last longer if you charge them up to only 80% instead of the full 100%.

14 – Can’t remember the title of a song but you know the melody or lyrics to it, sing it on Midomi to get the title of that song.

15 – Do you book flights or hotels online? Just clear the cookies of your browser before you start searching, or shop in Incognito mode. You will definitely get it for lower prices.

16 – Want to reduce the size of an Excel file. Just save the file as an.XLSB extension. It will shrink the size of the file by half by half or 75%.

17 – want to check the battery charge is left or not. Just drop them on a flat surface. If the battery bounce once, they are still good to use. However, if they bounce more than once, they are dead.

18 – You can extend battery life. Just put the batteries in the fridge a day before using them.

19 – Want to send a note that will destroy after reading. Go to

20 – Install or update multiple applications at once with no need to click next.

21 – If your phone dropped in water, just put your water damaged phone in a plastic bag containing rice for at least 24 hours. The rice will absorb all the water and your phone will start working again.

22 – Need a mirror right now? Turn on your smartphone’s front camera. Now you can use this as a mirror.

23 – Do you are using free trial of antivirus software and want to extend it further. You can extend it simply by pushing back the date on your computer.

24 – Don’t throw away the box your smartphone came in. it can be used for storing charging cables and earphones when you are traveling.

25 – Can’t solve a math problem. Download the Photomath app. Scan the math problem with the app. the app will solve the problem for you.

26 – Don’t want to distract by ads when playing a mobile game. Then the easiest way to stop ads is to play it in Airplane Mode.

27 – if you want to save your smartphone’s battery. Keep Darker wallpaper or themes. It can help you to save 6%-8% of battery life for smartphones with AMOLED screens.

28 – Use has:attachment in Gmail search to list all emails that have attachments.

29 – Want to turn part of a YouTube video into a GIF? Add “GIF” after “www.” and before “youtube” in the URL of the video.

30 – Do you in a hotel and forgot to bring your charger? Check the TV for a USB plugin.

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